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Dental Plans Benefits

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When Do You Need To See A Dentist?

When you were younger, you had no choice but to tag along with your parents to the dentist’s office for a checkup but now that you’re older no one is going to be there to remind you to book an appointment with Dr. Gerald Regni – dentist. You have absolute control over your life, which means you can choose whether or not to see your dentist. Unfortunately, most people never outgrow their fear of the dentist (or their fear of dental fees) and as a result, they deliberately avoid their dentist. While there are people who are lucky enough to be able to preserve the health of their teeth and gums despite the very rare occasions, they see their dentist if at all, there are those who end up with very bad and unhealthy teeth and gums. When is the best time to call your dentist? The following are dental health problems that require a trip to the dentist ASAP.


If you are experiencing tooth pain outside regular dental hours you can just simply take over-the-counter pain medication or gargle with warm water and floss to remove food debris in between your teeth while you wait for the office to open. However, if you start noticing pus surrounding your tooth accompanied by painful swelling and fever then you definitely need to see an emergency dentist ASAP as these signs indicate a serious dental health problem.

Stained Teeth

Do you cover your mouth with your hand when you talk? Do you purse your lips instead of flashing a smile when you see someone you know? You don’t have to tell us why; we pretty much know that it’s because of your severely yellowed and heavily stained teeth. There are many factors that contribute to discolored and stained teeth including aging, smoking, drinking dark colored beverages like coffee, tea and wine and certain medications. When your stained teeth are taking a toll on your self-esteem you need to see a dentist fast. Your dentist has the necessary tools and bleaching solutions to safely and effectively whiten your teeth.

Dental Cavities

Dental cavities can happen to anyone. Yes, even adults are prone to develop cavities. Cavities occur when plaque accumulates on the surface of your teeth and along the gumline. Unfortunately, if plaque isn’t removed it will eat away your enamel creating a cavity. To prevent the formation of cavities it is recommended that you brush and floss your teeth and see your dentist regularly at least twice a year for a checkup and for a professional teeth cleaning treatment. Your dentist has the necessary tools and instruments required to remove stubborn plaque and tartar from your teeth. When cavities are already evident you should see your dentist to have it treated.

Impacted Teeth

When a permanent tooth does not move towards the surface of your gums it is considered impacted. If the impacted tooth doesn’t cause pain you can just leave it alone but if it starts to hurt it will create more problems in the future. The best course of action when a person suffers from an impacted tooth is to have it extracted.

Chipped Tooth

When an accident or an injury results to a chipped tooth you must see a dentist. Usually, chipped teeth can be corrected through procedures like dental veneers and dental bonding. If the chip is large that it has affected the pulp, a root canal may be necessary before a dental crown or veneer is applied.

When you experience any of these dental issues don’t hesitate to call Dr. Gerald Regni – dentist for an appointment. Even a seemingly minor dental problem can worsen and complicate fast if you don’t have it treated.